Youssef Sarhan

Product Designer, Manager and Maker.

Over the last 10+ years, Youssef Sarhan has established himself as a expert in the field of software design. During this time, he has worked for early–stage startups and Fortune 500 companies. In 2013, Youssef founded Jupiter – a photosharing app. Six months later, Jupiter was acquired due to it's innovative approach to image sharing. Later, Youssef founded Mizu, a restaurant menu platform that made recommendations based on taste, diet and allergies. Youssef created Mizu to explore his growing interest in applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Youssef comfortably works between product design and product management. As a product manager, he has been responsible for translating business needs into product roadmaps and features – this has involved Strategy, Agile/Sprint Facilitation, and Team Management. As a product designer, Youssef is experienced with User Research, User Testing, UX Workshops, Prototyping, Road–Mapping, UX Architecture, Visual Design, Hand–Off, and QA.

His work gravitates towards simplicity and pragmatism; so that the products he designs feel familiar to those who use them. Youssef's work has touched the lives of millions of people and the products he has designed have been featured by Apple, The Verge, TechCrunch, CNET, The Next Web and others.

Social Print Studio

The simplest way to send a real photo from your phone.

Since launch, customers have mailed 100,000+ photos with Post. Post has also been featured by Apple under the "New Apps We Love" category, while also maintaining a 4.5 star rating on the iOS App Store.
Social Print Studio (SPS) approached Youssef with the challenge to design an app that could be described as the simplest way to send a real photo from your phone.

Due to the unassuming complexity of this request, it was important that Youssef quickly familiarized himself with the nature and constraints of SPS's printing and fulfilment pipeline. Youssef's responsibilities on this project ranged the spectrum between product management and product design. This involved connecting with all major stakeholders; included but not limited to members of the engineering, design, printing, fulfilment, and customer support teams.
This app works amazingly well. The ease of importing contacts from my contact list is a huge plus. Payment was easy, design is easy. All around very happy with this app!!!
iOS App Store Review


Customer intelligence for cafés.

Magic has become a daily utility for many customers across Dublin. Thousands of customers have used it to earn free food. Magic is currently available at numerous cafés and restaurants across Dublin City.
Youssef created Magic because he kept losing his paper loyalty cards at cafés – it turns out a lot of people have this problem. With Magic, customers never lose their loyalty cards and businesses can track and filter customer data. Youssef is curious about innovating with mobile technology and identity in high street retail environments. Youssef has been 100% responsible for the design, growth and marketing of Magic.
Simple, the way it should be. Excellent app.
Google Play Review


Making online business personal.

Ultimately, this standalone product never made it into production – however, many of the findings were ported across to Intercom's core product: Intercom Platform.
Youssef worked with Intercom to design a simple dashboard product that would enable Intercom's customers to view a realtime feed of what's happening at their business. By applying Clay Christensen's Jobs To Be Done framework, Youssef was able to define the motivations behind why a company or individual would 'hire' Intercom for this product.
Youssef was also involved in improving the UX of Intercom's user list filter feature. With large and expansive sets of user attributes, it was important to maintain the power of this feature, while simplifying the process of using it.


Transforms the way brands connect and interact with customers.

Swrve powers some of the world's leading app businesses, handling billions of daily events across iOS, Android, Windows10 and Unity.
Youssef joined Swrve as their first product designer. It was his responsibility to bring a sense of uniformity and clarity to their rapidly expanding product offering. This involved understanding the needs of Swrve's customers. The challenge was to merge Swrve's rapidly forming business needs into the information architecture, user experience and brand of Swrve's core product.
Many low–fidelity iterations were required in the early stages of this project. This helped define the UX Architecture going forward.
The next task was to refine and unify Swrve's styleguide. This included, but was not limited to, Colour, Typography, Iconography, UI Components, and more.
Part of the challenge at Swrve was to create a consistent and coherent brand across online and offline collateral.


Youssef occasionally writes about design, technology, and the future.

You can browse more of his writing on Medium, Tumblr, Svbtle and Twitter. He also likes to experiment with publishing platforms.


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